Where do you find your motivation? I was talking to a good friend recently. He informed me of some great news that seemed too good to be true!  He revealed that he found a Shopify store that sold prepackaged motivation at a very reasonable price.  How convenient for people who struggle to stay motivated!  Now all people need to do is enter their credit card and a small bottle of the magic serum shows up at their door!  Perfect.

It’s too bad that isn’t reality and none of that ever happened….

Sometimes people will say to me, “if I only had half the motivation that you did my life would be in a different place.”  Getting motivated and staying that way comes down to the things that we focus on.  If the pain of where you are is greater than the fear of where you want to go, you will do something about it.  For example, if you go to a job every day that makes you feel like you are drowning and dying inside, you will fight like hell to find or create a different situation for yourself.  If it seems like you don’t have any fight in you, perhaps your pain is not as great as you tell yourself it is.

Let’s go back to what we focus on.  Figure out what you want to accomplish in a big picture sense then set up a series of smaller milestones to help get you there.  If you want to lose 100lbs, the vast majority of people will lose the motivation to do so on the journey without setting smaller goals first because the experience will be long and hard.  If you want to lose 100lbs and make the first 5lbs a milestone, you can easily get a win under your belt.  Then you can set another milestone and another until you reach your ultimate goal.  Winning motivates everyone because we are wired that way.  Once you start winning it is much easier to keep winning for this reason.  

When I wanted to create a full-time income for myself, I knew that I needed to get a list of small goals in place to help accomplish my larger goal. My large goal is to be working from anywhere in the world (as long as fast WiFi is available)…With each milestone I reached, my level of motivation increased. I was certain that I was going to accomplish the big goal.

You see my friends, there is no prepackaged solution for motivation.

All you really need is an updated examination of your focus.  Ask yourself if you are really focused on the right things.  If you are spending your time worrying about what other people want you to do, stop that now.  It’s a waste of your time, I promise you.  Figure out what you are trying to accomplish and work backward to today.  Set up some easy wins to get you rolling in the right direction. You will find that you stay upbeat and motivated much more.  If you get really good at this it will begin to feel as though your motivation never goes away.

I am speaking about that last line from my own, personal experience and I am no different than you.  I may want what I want more than you do right now. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t be the same way.  Isn’t it about time you became really motivated again?