We all like to stay in our comfort zone. It’s human nature, but have you ever had the realization that you are sleeping through your life? That your weekly routine is a bit of a blur since all the days look the same? You sleep through your 9 to 5 and live for the weekends, which always slip through your fingers way too quickly. And on Monday morning you have to really think hard to remember what you did this weekend. You are tired all the time, and can’t always figure out why. Any part of that sound familiar?

Me too. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

One of the things I have noticed about successful and motivated people is that they all tend to be the type of person who pushes the envelope. Many are entrepreneurs. Seems like an obvious statement, but think about it. It takes someone who is brave enough to take an idea and run with it, someone who doesn’t want to conform to the norm or do what everyone else is already doing. This is what makes them successful – they live outside the box.

It isn’t just entrepreneurs that have this approach, but really any motivated, driven, well-rounded, well-adjusted person. You know the type, they are the kind of person who is totally put together and knows what they want out of life. They are likely to tell you that the comfort zone is the silent enemy of their success and their general happiness too.

Here is the key thing that struck me:

The toe-the-line person tends to be that way in all areas of life, not just in their businesses or professional lives. They tend to be people who want to try new foods, visit new places, try their hands at a new skill or instrument, meet new people, and do new things. This attitude of looking for the new and different from what one already knows leads to people who constantly learn.

From the point of view of those squarely in the comfort zone, opportunities seem to just fall from the sky and land in front of these adventurous people. They seem abnormally gifted, and extraordinarily creative thinkers.

But my question today is this: are they really getting more opportunities handed to them? Or are these people just more apt to seize the day? Were they born out-of-the-box-creative thinkers? Or did they pick that up along the way as they tried new things, talked to people who think differently, and live in different worlds?

What does that mean for you and me? 

Let’s break this down. Leaving comfort zone = new experiences = learning = well-rounded individual = individual open to new opportunities to leave the comfort zone.

Here’s the thing, I’ve tried it. I found myself surrounded by people who did these things and inspired me to try it for myself. So I can testify, new experiences teach you and mold you and give you this amazing rush of creativity and motivation to live life to the fullest. You won’t ever get that if you wall yourself into a routine that can’t ever be changed even temporarily.

I challenge you to do something off of your bucket list. Anything, it doesn’t necessarily matter which experience you go for, just pick a new and scary thing from your wish list and make it happen!  For me, travel opened my eyes. Then I decided to pick up a new language, so I did. I have a good friend who finds her freedom in music, another who loves to create digital media designs, another who loves fire dancing, skydiving, and yoga.

It really honestly doesn’t matter which new experience you choose, just do something that wakes you up! You’ll find yourself suddenly brimming with energy, alive with new creativity, rejuvenated, and having more fun than you ever knew you could. And it doesn’t have to be a life-changing thing either. No need to do something so drastic as to move overseas (although that is amazing, and I recommend it.) Small changes do the same. Take the time to invest in yourself.

Have you had a life-altering experience? If not…would you like to? What is stopping you?

Written by Emily Dominguez