We live in an age where content is pouring out of every crack and crevice in on our online world.  The stats for just the amount of video that is created every day are incredible.  The amount of hours is so large that it quickly becomes apparent that it’s far too many for anyone to digest.  Did you notice that I only mentioned video?  When you add in blog posts and audio also, it becomes really insane.

This still gives books great value from a content marketing perspective.  Personally, I am a fan of paperback books. Although I do see the need for ebooks and audiobook versions as well.  I paused in my writing of this post and glanced over my right shoulder. In my office I can’t help but notice all of the paperback books that I have collected.  

My point here is that no one ever throws books away.  

The content of a book may become outdated over time, especially if it’s related to technology.  If you write “evergreen” content, then your book will always have value.  Books do make you an instant expert on the subject matter that you write about, and this is great.  I think the coolest part of having a published book is to know that it is like a business card that no one throws away.  

For this reason, it is extremely important to make sure that you point people to your website, funnel, and social channels. This way they can find you years down the road.  Someone may not know anything about your book when you publish it. However, they could receive it as a gift or may find it on Amazon at any point in the future.  If you do any writing in your business for clients, I think having a published book is another asset. You can use as a portfolio offering of your work.

Creating content is still wildly important for all brands because it allows you to share your voice with the world.  Obviously, you can literally do this through voice as in a podcast or something, but I am really referring to the way in which you convey your message.  This gives people a chance to discover your company and to see if your brand resonates with them.  The only way that anyone can stand out is to just be themselves.  You are not going to resonate with everyone, just like I am not going to.  This is perfectly normal, so quit worrying about it if you are.  

Last year, I published my first book The Backwards Route To Forward Progress and initially released it in paperback and ebook versions.  One of my winter projects is to voice it over for the audiobook version because I know that the message is one that more people need to hear.  If you are considering starting the book writing journey for yourself, my sincere advice is to go for it.  People are going to judge you whether you do it or not, so stop wasting your time worrying about that.

If you create blogs, videos, vlogs or podcasts right now, I am comfortable assuming that you already understand the value of creating content.  A book (or a 2nd or 3rd book) is a great way to compliment those and again; I suggest you pursue it.  If you have any questions for me at all, I will be more than happy to chat with you.  DM me on Instagram @IntInsPodcast, and we can connect.