More people are starting podcasts everyday, but most give up before their 10th episode.

Can you believe that?!

Stats like that honestly aggravate me. You have to try something long enough to evaluate if it is working or not.  After a dozen episodes or less, you won’t have enough feedback to even know if you are succeeding or failing at whatever you are trying to accomplish with your podcast.

Ever since I started my podcast in April of 2016, I have noticed an increase in people trying their hand at hosting their own show.  I view this as a positive for the podcasting community and I foresee the industry only growing significantly from this point forward.

I didn’t know what I was doing after 10 episodes, but I never considered giving up.  I have always enjoyed doing it, even before I brought guests onto the show and realized the massive opportunities that exist if you play your cards right.  One quick piece of advice that I would offer is to know exactly who you are talking to before getting started!  This makes it much easier to keep your content on target and focused on meeting your audience where they are, right now.

For the folks who bailed on their shows prematurely, you have clearly overlooked the advantages that it could have offered you and your audience.  Don’t fret because it is really easy to start another one tomorrow, if you want to.  Pippa is my podcast host and they are offering free hosting for the life of your podcast for a very limited time with no strings attached.  Check them out, and see if that opportunity is still around at the time that you are reading this.

Without going into every possible advantage that a podcast can offer your business, I am going to focus on the major ones. [Tweet “A podcast gives you authority, visibility, and amazing content to offer the world.”] It doesn’t matter what your credentials are, or what you experience is.  At some point, your audience is going to understand your position on the different topics that you talk about. The value really starts to develop when you get other experts to share their perspectives on the same topics.  Everyone has a slightly different angle, so this allows you to keep your topics and your focus in familiar territory.

This is exactly why you need to use guests as part of your content marketing strategy.  Guests offer experiences that are unique to their journey and this information makes each of your episodes unique.  You can also re-purpose some of the conversation highlights into your show notes.  This will help with your SEO and your guests will probably share the episode with their audience as well.  This will expose you and your brand to new people and everyone wins from this equation.  It’s a beautiful thing. It gives a portion of your content something new and fresh that no one else will have.

Are you starting to see the bigger opportunity here?

More likes, follows, shares, requests for meetings and then you start getting invited onto other shows yourself.  Dale Carnegie taught us that no one really wants to hear about us, so with this in mind, make it all about others.  This is selfless, authentic, and an effective strategy that I recommend implementing into your content marketing strategy.

Make your episodes with guests all about them. Focus all of your content to provide the most value you can to your audience.  This is a no lose situation.