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This podcast was created for hungry, startup entrepreneurs who are seeking motivation, personal development resources, and actionable tips! The episodes focus on the topics of entrepreneurship, sales, leadership, personal development, and coaching. Our show formats vary from “coffee shop conversational” interviews with successful entrepreneurs to solo shows on a relevant topic. Each show will inspire, offer new perspectives, and give you actionable steps that you can immediately apply in your own life.

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Podcast Archive

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Episode #82: Reaching The Peak Of Your Performance with Thor Conklin

Episode #81: How The Brave Master Avoids Epic Disaster with Jena Rodriguez

Episode #80: Going For The Win with Heather Havenwood

Episode #79: Living The Life That You Were Meant To with Aimee Teesdale

Episode #78: Marketing Your Business To The Next Level with John Lagoudakis

Episode #77: To Ask Or Not To Ask with Yvonne Heimann

Episode #76: Lean, Mean, Startup Machine with Oliver Durrer

Episode #75: Joining The Digital Revolution with Naully Nicolas

Episode #74: To The Edge and Back with Nicole Jansen

Episode #73: It’s All About Your Videos with James Manning

Episode #72: Going From 1 To 7 with Ramon Smothers

Episode #71: Insane, But Necessary

Episode #70: Entrepreneurs On Fire with John Lee Dumas

Episode #69: From Obsession To Success To Obsession with Jeffrey Feldberg

Episode #68: Falling In Love With Your Haters

Episode #67: Start With Vision with Isiah Fowler

Episode #66: Leadology Book Launch with John Barrett

Episode #65: Social Media 101 with Rachel Pedersen

Episode #64: An Artistic Expression with Melissa Ebbe

Episode #63: The Power Of A Single Voice with J. Michael Collins

Episode #62: Understanding The Lean Startup with Clinton E. Day

Episode #61: Mistakes That I Could Have Easily Avoided

Episode #60: The Art Of Getting FREE Publicity with Sharon Bolt

Episode #59: Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

Episode #58: Building Your Brand with Jordan Syatt

Episode #57: Elevation Is A Must with David Gibson

Episode #56: Selling In A Skirt with Judy Hoberman

Episode #55: Six Figure Writing Secrets with Laura Pennington

Episode #54: Networking With The Right People

Episode #53: Talented Learning with John Leh

Episode #52: Fanning The Flames Of Passion

Episode #51: Stop Fearing Failure!

Episode #50: New Beginnings

Episode #49: Seizing Opportunity with Pete Williams

Episode #48: Business Strength School

Episode #47: Why You Need To Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Mindfulness

Episode #46: Going For The Win

Episode #45: Are You Really The Person That You Think You Are?

Episode #44: Recipes For Success with Cady Macon

Episode #43: The Country Music Journey with Corey Farlow

Episode #42: The Mental Melting Pot – Unplugged (Part II) with John Barrett and Jared Hamilton

Episode #41: The Mental Melting Pot – Unplugged (Part I) with John Barrett and Jared Hamilton

Episode #40: We Are All In This Together

Episode #39: Taking Action & Reaching Your Goals with Coach K

Episode #38: Comparing Competition and Collaboration

Episode #37: How To Think and Grow Rich – Part I

Episode #36: Ordinary To Exceptional with Brian Scudamore

Episode #35: Creating Contagious Influence

Episode #34: How To Get What You Want

Episode #33: The End Of My Solo Journey with Jason Wright

Episode #32: How To Be Unstoppable with Kelly Roach

Episode #31: Narrowing Your Focus For Increased Success with Jason Wright

Episode #30: Exiting The Rat Race with Clark Vandeventer

Episode #29: Maximizing Your Effort with Jason Wright

Episode #28: Authority Content Book Launch with David Jenyns

Episode #27: Dissecting The Selling Conundrum with Jason Wright

Episode #26: Engaging In Unrestricted Fun with Jason Wright

Episode #25: Preparing For An Opportunity Not Yet Seen with Jason Wright

Episode #24: It’s All On You with Pat Charette

Episode #23: Increasing Your Output by Doing Less with Jason Wright

Episode #22: Ready, Set, Action with Jason Wright

Episode #21: Taking Out Your Head Trash with Jason Wright

Episode #20: A Tribute to Earl Nightingale with Jason Wright

Episode #19: Overcoming All Odds with Jenny Oakley

Episode #18: The Importance of Your Inner Circle with Jason Wright

Episode #17: Strategies For Sustained Inspiration with Jason Wright

Episode #16: The Faith, Leadership, and Innovation Experience with John Barrett

Episode #15: Inspiration That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet with Todd McBroom

Episode #14: A Lesson In Mindful Living with Staci Vanzant

Episode #13: The Optimistic Soldier with Mike Beiting

Episode #12: Focusing Inside to Focus Outside with Jack Christy

Episode #11: Inspirational Training The Hamilton Way With Jared Hamilton

Episode #10: Getting to Know The Man Behind The Curtain with Jason Wright

Episode #9: The Power of Dreams with Jessica Stout

Episode #8: It’s All About the People With Tracy Cooper

Episode #7: Inspired Writing with Kristina Evans

Episode #6: The Impact Of Daily Goals On Your Life

Episode #5: The Unwritten Rules Of Attraction

Episode #4: A Glimpse Into The Leadership Mindset

Episode #3: The Power Of Ideas And Intentional Action

Episode #2: The Reasons That You Need A Why Statement

Episode #1: The Beginning