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The Breakout Period of a Startup: How to Power Through

  Picture this: you are a kid who has a lemonade stand on a chilly morning in the fall. (Go with me guys.) All the adult neighbors are out walking their dogs (but not stopping). The cars keep driving by (but, at least a couple honked at your cardboard “honk if you love lemonade!” sign!). The…
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Getting Started With Your New Startup

  Have you ever noticed that everyone has a business idea that they are going to do “someday?”  The sad reality is that most of them will never take the first step to doing anything about it though.  Why?  It requires effort, makes you step into your fear and forces you to leave that warm…
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A New Year Is Coming, But Is A New Version Of You?

  It’s close to Christmas now and a new year is upon us.  As I reflect back upon the last 12 months, I realize that I tried a lot of new things this year.  I was intentional about staying out of my comfort zone as much as possible and I think I did that.  I…
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