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The Curious and Foreign Language Of The Entrepreneur

  Entrepreneur 1 says: “I have a new project that I am working on” Non-entrepreneur hears: “lfboi bggr bgob g obgr” Entrepreneur 1 says: “Do you want to hear about it?” Non-entrepreneur hears: “rbgpi ubgibr gu” (Entrepreneur 2 walks into the room) Entrepreneur 1 says: “Hey brother, what’s new?” Entrepreneur 2 says: “What’s happening?  Good…
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3 Tips For Standing Up Again After A Setback

Do you want to know the really good thing about a setback? A setback gives you the opportunity to show the world what you are made of.  You can either become a casualty of the setback or you can triumph over the top of it.  Regardless of what you may be thinking right now, I…
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10 Mistakes That I Could Have Easily Avoided With My Startup (…and 10 Solutions Too!)

I have learned the hard way that entrepreneurship is a tricky journey that requires both patience and determination in overcoming obstacles, in order to achieve forward progress. The allure for me has always been the uncapped earning potential, involvement with truly meaningful work, and most importantly, control over my time.  Remember that if this were…
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