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Is Audio The Key To Your Growth & Development?

  I know a fair amount of people who see the value in personal development, but they hate reading and will not do it.  I like all forms of personal development. I have watched a few friends try to read, and they literally can’t stay focused long enough to make it through a single page. …
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Stop Testing Everyone Else And Start Testing Yourself!

  Take a moment right now and think about the people in your life that you make an effort to test every chance you get.  This might be your kids, your employees, your peers or even your spouse (guys tread with caution here).  It can be kind of fun, in a sick and twisted way,…
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Knowing When To Transition From "Go" To "Grow"

Knowing When To Transition From “Go” To “Grow”

The early days of a new startup are exciting times, at least from my personal experiences.  Hope and motivation are at their peak and your belief in yourself is as limitless as your energy levels.  Many entrepreneurs are strapped for cash, so they rely on “bootstrapping” the business to save money and maximize the variety…
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