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Getting Started With Your New Startup

  Have you ever noticed that everyone has a business idea that they are going to do “someday?”  The sad reality is that most of them will never take the first step to doing anything about it though.  Why?  It requires effort, makes you step into your fear and forces you to leave that warm…
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I Already Have A Website, So Why Would I Need A Landing Page?

  What is the big deal about funnels and landing pages? Have you ever caught yourself muttering the same thing?  I will admit that I once was also in this camp and didn’t really understand the differences, however, I knew that it was something that I needed to look into.  I had a website that…
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Letting A Niche Choose You

  I have lost track of how many times I have heard the saying that “the riches are in the niches.” It is certainly sound advice, but my interpretation of it wasn’t always as clear as it is now.  I have tried and failed countless times to start niche businesses, only to realize that there…
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The Curious and Foreign Language Of The Entrepreneur

  Entrepreneur 1 says: “I have a new project that I am working on” Non-entrepreneur hears: “lfboi bggr bgob g obgr” Entrepreneur 1 says: “Do you want to hear about it?” Non-entrepreneur hears: “rbgpi ubgibr gu” (Entrepreneur 2 walks into the room) Entrepreneur 1 says: “Hey brother, what’s new?” Entrepreneur 2 says: “What’s happening?  Good…
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Knowing When To Transition From "Go" To "Grow"

Knowing When To Transition From “Go” To “Grow”

The early days of a new startup are exciting times, at least from my personal experiences.  Hope and motivation are at their peak and your belief in yourself is as limitless as your energy levels.  Many entrepreneurs are strapped for cash, so they rely on “bootstrapping” the business to save money and maximize the variety…
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