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5 Must Read Books For Startups

Personal development became a primary focus for me when I decided to get really serious about growing my startup. One of the biggest obstacles for me involved my restricted mindset and the perceived limitations that it placed on me.  The uncertainty of it all combined with fear is enough to keep most people from ever…
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10 Mistakes That I Could Have Easily Avoided With My Startup (…and 10 Solutions Too!)

I have learned the hard way that entrepreneurship is a tricky journey that requires both patience and determination in overcoming obstacles, in order to achieve forward progress. The allure for me has always been the uncapped earning potential, involvement with truly meaningful work, and most importantly, control over my time.  Remember that if this were…
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Business Tools for Startups

My Favorite FREE Tools For Your Startup

Starting a new business will cause you to spend a lot more than you planned and building up your income may take a lot longer than you had hoped. That may not be what you want to hear, but it is for your own good.  I have heard different variations of the same advice time…
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5 Business Blogs I Follow

Top 5 Business Blogs I Follow & Why

Content is consumed by millions every day in the very same way that coffee is, but for very different reasons.  Coffee tastes great with a few shots of caramel in it, but any artificial sweeteners smeared all over your content source of choice, just plain sucks. Seriously, though… Some people prefer audio content like radio,…
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Why bad ideas are sometimes good

Why Bad Ideas Are Sometimes Good

I have a strange question for you, but I promise that I have a valid reason for asking. Do you ever feel like you have nothing but a bunch of worthless, bad ideas? That may seem like a heavy intro, but I want you to stick with me for a few minutes here and check…
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