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Why Are You Approaching Your Digital Marketing Like Everyone Else?

  Do you ever fall into the trap of trying to keep up with everyone else? I think that this is much easier to slip into than any of us may realize.  Sometimes in the spring, I find myself rushing to mow the grass just because all of my neighbors have done it.  When I…
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7 Ways To Market Your Business On The Cheap!

There are a lot of opinions and perspectives on marketing out there, but it’s time to face some undeniable truths about marketing. Regardless of what some people think, marketing is necessary if you want other people to know that your brand exists.  Although word of mouth is great, I do not think it should be…
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Personal Branding

Will Anyone Care When You Are Gone?

We  all want to make a lasting impression on the people that we work with, but how do we ensure that we accomplish this?  Leaving a legacy is the ultimate goal but first, we need to start at the beginning before we can cross that finish line. Make sense? Carefully building your personal brand is…
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