Episode #68 – Falling In Love With Your Haters

It’s a solo episode this week, but I really had something to say so it worked out just fine. I got a lot of flack from people when I first started the podcast and I still seem to every once in awhile.  A year ago, it really pissed me off when people mocked me or teased me about what I was trying to do.  Now I get over it much more quickly and realize that these people only have power over you if you let them.  It is literally a waste of my time to respond to or engage with these people and it should be the same way for you.

How do you normally respond to haters or people that try to bring you down?

I am going to challenge you and ask you to turn the fear or anger into fuel.  This fuel will help to propel you towards the ultimate vision that you have set out for yourself.  The higher you go the more other people will try to bring you down.  Les Brown said, “the bottom is crowded because this is where most people are at.”  The higher you fly, the fewer people you will see on your same level.  This is definitely a good thing, so I have one final question for you.

Do you want to remain with the majority or fly with the minority?  

If you want to get to a place where most people never reach,  you need to respond in ways that most people never will. This can start here and now for you!

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