Episode #34 – How To Get What You Want

I hired a Content & Marketing Manager and you can meet her here!  I am really excited to have her on the team and she is a critical piece of the foundation that will allow Intentionally Inspirational to go to the next level!

I get excited just talking about this.

Speaking of getting excited….what gives you all energy and pumps you up?

On this podcast episode, I dive into the answer to the wonderful topic of “how to get what you want.”  At a first glance, most people will assume that there is a “magic pill” for this that they have not found yet, but….we know that there is another answer.

Getting what you want requires a precise state of mind, planning, and consistent execution in order to get the results that you desire.  I break this down into greater detail on the show and even offer some additional thoughts for examining your life once you get what you want.

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