Jason Wright – Bio

Digital Media Solutions

Jason is the founder of the Intentionally Inspirational brand which began as a podcast that was created to motivate and inspire entrepreneurs.  Since its inception, Intentionally Inspirational has evolved into a digital media solutions company.   The free content includes a weekly blog and an awesome podcast that offers a variety of entertaining show formats.  Intentionally Inspirational also offers published resources, content creation packages, social media packages and game-changing digital marketing servicesJason has always understood that no one likes to be sold to and there is a slower, more genuine brand awareness approach that works even better.  He is also the author of the book, The Backwards Route To Forward Progress and the ebook 15 Lessons For Surviving Your Startup.

Jason is a lifelong, serial entrepreneur who thrives on challenge and has an unwavering focus on participating in meaningful work, motivating and uplifting other people and building a lasting legacy.  When he is not working on this brand, he is growing the customer base for Custom Linen Products LLC, which is his other business that manufactures linens for specialty hospital beds.  

Interview Topics:

  • Startups
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Podcasting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Personal Development
  • Motivation / Mindset

As featured on:



Podcast: Travel Cast – 13: How To Start Your Own Podcast – 3.15.18 (coming soon)

Podcast: Level 10 Life Podcast – 2.27.18

Podcast: How To Lose Money – 106: How To Lose Money By Jumping In Without A Plan – 1.15.18


Radio: James Miller | Lifeology – Finding your mentor – 8.21.17

Live radio: Selling In A Skirt – Start-Ups…Business Or Hobby? – 6.17.17

Podcast: Starts With A Vision – Episode #221: You have to be willing to lose it all – 5.30.17