Startup Coaching

Do you know why successful people use coaches?  It’s because they know that an outside perspective is critical for their forward progress.  Think about professional athletes for a moment.  Do you realize that they all have coaches?


“At first, I was quite skeptical about hiring a startup coach but I needed to find a new direction in my personal and professional life. Then I met Jason and I really get along with him well. He found the subtle ways to ask me the right questions and to help me focus on which goals I should be taking into consideration.  After a few coaching sessions, I felt great improvements on how to perceive the changes that I can make in my life. I will definitely recommend Jason to my friends and relatives who are searching for ways to improve their lives.”


Naully Nicolas – Digital Travel Strategist


To be at the top of your game on or off the field, you need the right people in your corner.

I have a passion for lighting the fire of belief in others, especially when they are running a startup business. I have the skills and experience in team building, goal setting, and execution to help get you where you want and deserve to go.  Whether you are seeking a coach for your established startup or for your pre-launch business, I can help your business thrive.


“As a hungry entrepreneur, Jason has helped my LLC in many different ways. Jason has insight on every aspect and stage of entrepreneurship, whether that be the initial stages, how to close, and everything in between. There are so many details and uncertainties in this challenging and exciting process. However, he manages to keep the enthusiasm, while being direct and to the point. He is not messing around, yet is open to ideas. If anyone ever needs a coach or mentor for their startup, existing business, or individual ventures he will not disappoint. He has led by example and is consistently supportive. I look forward to continuing my education and expanding my toolbox with his expertise.”


Mya Barr – EcoLED LLC


I cannot help anyone unless they first make the effort to help themselves.  By nature, I push pretty damn hard in everything that I do and I want to help you do the same thing.  If you are looking to pay me a lot of money so that I will just do everything for you, close this page right now.  That is not how I roll and I have ZERO interest in those types of partnerships.

If you promise to stay hungry for your own success and are willing to stay out of your comfort zone, let’s have a conversation.  I want to work with people who are the in the 1% of startups. These people don’t give up quit, don’t make up excuses and get obsessed with the grind that is their passion.


“I needed help with getting comfortable with interview questions. To do so, Jason conducted mock interviews with me via Skype on weekly basis for approximately a month and a half. He was patient but critical about instructing me and sharing his opinion. I had to say I would not have sharpened my interpersonal skill or boosted my confidence in interviews without Jason’s help. I am thankful to work with him.”


Yang Yu – NYC, New York

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