Startup Coaching

Do you know why successful people use coaches?  It’s because they know that an outside perspective is critical for their forward progress.  Think about professional athletes for a moment.  Do you realize that they all have coaches?

To be at the top of your game on or off the field, you need the right people in your corner.

I have a passion for lighting the fire of belief in others, especially when they are running a startup business. I have the skills and experience in team building, goal setting, and execution to help get you where you want and deserve to go.  Whether you are seeking a coach for your established startup or for your pre-launch business, I can help your business thrive.


“I needed help with getting comfortable with interview questions. To do so, Jason conducted mock interviews with me via Skype on weekly basis for approximately a month and a half. He was patient but critical about instructing me and sharing his opinion. I had to say I would not have sharpened my interpersonal skill or boosted my confidence in interviews without Jason’s help. I am thankful to work with him.”


Yang Yu – NYC, New York


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