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The Curious and Foreign Language Of The Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur 1 says: “I have a new project that I am working on” Non-entrepreneur hears: “lfboi bggr bgob g obgr” Entrepreneur 1 says: “Do you want to hear about it?” Non-entrepreneur hears: “rbgpi ubgibr gu” (Entrepreneur 2 walks into the room) Entrepreneur 1 says: “Hey brother, what’s new?” Entrepreneur 2 says: “What’s happening?  Good to…
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Recharging Your Batteries After They Run Out

  Most entrepreneurs that I have met are really excited about what they are trying to do…well at least, initially. They are in love with their ideas and the vision that they have for their business.  I have been there, and it is an awesome feeling. I would compare it to the dating phase of…
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Niching Down and Adding Value: Reflections On A 24 Month Journey

  When I first began this particular business journey, I honestly had no idea what I was doing.  I quit my full time job to start a neighborhood magazine and did some freelance work on the side.  In those days, my freelance work included HR consulting and writing blogs. As I look back upon all…
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3 Daily Habits To Improve Your Productivity

  Productivity is one of those quests that seems to have no finish line.  It is also a pursuit that is as varied as the people that focus on it.  Getting more done in less time is on the mind of everyone who values what they do with their day. What do you do now…
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Getting Your Feet Wet With Affiliate Marketing

  If you are not currently involved in affiliate marketing yourself, I am sure that you have at least heard of it. Right? I will share my definition of affiliate marketing and share the right and the wrong way to approach it.  Affiliate marketing is sharing the products of another in return for a percentage…
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