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How Do You Know When Your Side Hustle Should Become Your Main Hustle?

  Soon after I graduated from high school, I was on the hunt for extra money.  I fell into mowing lawns because there were plentiful opportunities in the neighborhood that I lived in and it was something that I had done in the past.  At that point in my life, I still lived at home…
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The Breakout Period of a Startup: How to Power Through

  Picture this: you are a kid who has a lemonade stand on a chilly morning in the fall. (Go with me guys.) All the adult neighbors are out walking their dogs (but not stopping). The cars keep driving by (but, at least a couple honked at your cardboard “honk if you love lemonade!” sign!). The…
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Getting Motivated For Success Now And In The Future

  The idea of getting motivated for success seems unnecessary at first thought, but there is an interesting experience here that I would like to share.  I have always wanted to win in everything that I do, but the stage of simply wanting something is not enough.  At least it isn’t in my personal experience.…
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Why Writing A Book Is Still Relevant In 2018

  We live in an age where content is pouring out of every crack and crevice in on our online world.  The stats for just the amount of video that is created every day are incredible.  The amount of hours is so large that it quickly becomes apparent that it’s far too many for anyone…
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Is Audio The Key To Your Growth & Development?

  I know a fair amount of people who see the value in personal development, but they hate reading and will not do it.  I like all forms of personal development. I have watched a few friends try to read, and they literally can’t stay focused long enough to make it through a single page. …
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